Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Chahar Maqaleh

A short passage on the concept of Logic from book of Chahar Maqaleh written by Aruzi Samarqandi (1110 and 1161 AD)

From The Chahar Maqaleh   
از کتاب چهار مقاله

Unless the physician knows logic, and knows the meaning of species and categories, he cannot distinguish between what belongs to the category and what is peculiar to the individual, and so will not be able to diagnosis the disease. And, failing to find the cause, he will fail in his treatment. Page 107

تا طبیب منطق نداند و جنس و نوع نشناسد در میان فصل و خاصه و عرض فرق نتواند کرد و علت نشناسد و چون علت نشناسد در علاج مصیب نتواند بود. صفحه 107

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  1. Thanks for reminding of this nice book and translation.